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1. *Beauty* is not a guarantee to marriage 2. *Falling Sick* does not mean you are about to die. 3. *Getting rich* is not the definition of prosperity. 4 *Building a nice house* is not enjoying luxury. 5. *Sleeping on an expensive bed* does not bring you sound sleep. 6. *Driving a new car* is not a guarantee that you gonna reach where you going. 7. *Wearing expensive clothes* does not guarantee smartness. 8. *Owning a family doctor* does not guarantee permanent health. 9. *Being highly educated* is not a sign of wisdom. 10. *Marrying a rich guy* does not guarantee happy marriage. 11. *Winning an argument* does not mean that you were correct. 12. *Whatever is done without the merit of Heaven* is fake and temporal. 13 *He who builds without God* is building for nothing; & he who *watches over a city* without God, watches in vain. 14. *Not everything is possible with man but everything is possible with God.* 15 *Be wise and learn to Involve God* in everything you do. *Kindly Bless Someone Else today* and be blessed back by God. *INVOLVE GOD IN ALL YOUR DEALINGS. GOD BLESS.

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